All staff are involved in program development for their rooms. We provide an environment where children can play, explore and develop their own ideas, opinions and understanding of the world. The staff at our centre focuses on interacting with, observing and listening to the children to learn about their interests and ideas. These identified interests enable children and staff to work together to determine what experiences are added to our environment.

There is a Day Book in each room where staff document the daily experiences of the children. Children’s drawings, conversations and photographs are often included in the Day Book. We encourage families to read the Day Book with their children and to give feedback to staff. Staff also create documentation or displays of children’s work, discussions and ideas. We encourage families and visitors to read these and learn more about the children and our centre.

Each child has their own portfolio that is maintained by their focus teacher. The portfolio contains documentation, photographs and works samples and is able to be viewed by families at any time. At the end of the year each child will receive their portfolio as a developmental record and memento of their time with us.

Our staff are always discussing new ideas and evaluating our practices so that we continue to provide an innovative program!

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